Talks and Workshops

~ ~ ~ ~  Talks  ~ ~ ~ ~

The Story So Far
An illustrated talk about my development as a quiltmaker
and the various influences along the way.

Colour Stories
Colouring fabrics is my passion and I will share with you the many ways I dye,
print and create many special effects on cloth.

~ ~ ~ ~  Workshops  ~ ~ ~ ~

Something different?

Pojagi Piecing
Explore this traditional Korean patchwork technique and create an elegant hanging
 or wrapping cloth (Pojagi) where the hand stitched seams on one layer of cloth 
become the main feature of the design.           

Colour Confidence
How does colour work? Learn a few simple rules which will give you confidence
to select and use your fabrics in a positive way. Put the rules to the test and design
a stunning piece of patchwork.

Surface Design Workshops

The Magic of Indigo
Discover the magic of indigo dyeing as your fabrics change before your eyes from
acidic lime, through jade green to deep indigo blue. Experiment with various Shibori
techniques to create  exciting patterns and produce one off fabrics.

But It's Very Brown!
Dye fabrics using potassium permanganate and discharge them
with lemon juice - simple techniques to produce a subtle range of fabrics from
creamy latte to rich, dark espresso.

Simply Batik
This class is an introduction to using soy wax resist to create simple batik fabrics.
Unlike traditional wax which requires long hours of ironing and still leaves the fabrics stiff,
soy wax is easily machine washed out of the fabric at the end of the process leaving
you with beautifully soft fabric. You will be shown simple methods to build up layers
of pattern and colour to produce your own unique fabrics.

Introducing Screen Printing
There are many different methods for screen printing fabrics so the aim of this workshop
is to remove the mystery and make this technique accessible to everyone.
At the end of the workshop you will have a selection of unique fabrics
to incorporate into your next project.

Machine Quilting Workshops

Machine Quilting for the Terrified
If you would like to learn the basics of machine quilting
but are not sure where to begin, then this is the workshop for you.
Once mastered this technique will change your life!

The Beginners Guide to Free Motion Quilting
There will be plenty of tips, techniques and practical information in this step by
step workshop for those new to free motion quilting.

Take One Flower
Improve your machine quilting skills in this stimulating workshop
where you will use a 'challenge' flower fabric as inspiration for the quilting design
(challenge fabric provided).

Patchwork Workshops

Strippy Quilt
This popular workshop uses a very simple technique but gives fabulous and unexpected
 results. Begin with a stash of fabrics plus one strong contrast or a jelly roll and end the day
 with a lovely quilt top. You may even have started quilting it as well!

Cut and Come Again
This new workshop is a fun, relaxed method for producing
attractive blocks using your fabric stash.
Just bring along a collection of fabrics and start cutting and stitching.
There will be lots of ideas for assembling your blocks to make an attractive quilt.

Kaleidoscopic Colour
Experiment with exciting colour combinations
and produce wonderful effects using the traditional Kaleidoscope block.
The finished size of the piece depends on how adventurous you are feeling!

Pleat, Tuck and Fray
Create new and exciting surfaces through a variety of fabric manipulation techniques.
You will slash, bloom, fold, pleat, tuck and fray!

My fees for 2017 are as follows ~
Talk - £150 plus travel expenses of 50p per mile
Workshop - £250 plus travel expenses of 50p per mile
email ~
mobile ~ 07891 079080