Sunday, 5 July 2015

A stroll around our exhibition

A big thank you to all of you who visited our exhibition in Bromsgrove two weeks ago. We had a lovely weekend sharing work with family and friends. If you didn't manage to get there here are a few photos with apologies to those whose work I haven't included!

The three photos above show a selection of work from my monthly textiles group. As usual there is a great variety of work including dyed and printed cloth and sketchbooks full of ideas.

There was a fun wallhanging for a cat loving granddaughter

intricately stitched pieces on a garden theme

colour studies developed into beautifully stitched wallhangings

sketchbooks full of ideas for future work
sensitively dyed and printed fabrics

adventurous knitting

a beautifully dyed and printed jacket

a wonderful collection of hand stitched and embellished scrolls inspired by Ineke Berlyn

a quilt for a grandson

a quilt for a new baby

a traditional quilt using a contemporary colour palette

 Ineke's dresses and a few of my quilts

and last but not least a well deserved glass of wine to celebrate raising £1200 for Cancer Research.
Do check out more lovely quilts behind Sue and Judith.

A big thank you to all of my students for helping make this another enjoyable year.

Thank you for visiting
Edwina x


  1. Congratulations on a successful exhibition. I'm only sorry that I couldn't make it this year.

    1. Thanks Maggi. Hopefully we will catch up at Festival.

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  4. I just loved gazing at your exhibition. It seems like a wonderful event and I am really sad that I missed the opportunity to attend such a fabulous event. Well, I had great time in the similar exhibition at our local convention center. This event had been organized by my friend that is an artist.

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