Thursday, 29 January 2015

All the C's

I'm not sure what happened to all of my good intentions at the beginning of January but here we are with only two days left. I have had a busy month which included a week in Canada visiting my good friend Catherine Nicholls in Vancouver so I suppose once the jet lag is added on it's not surprising that I haven't found time to blog.
Before I left for Canada I finished Coffee and Cakes and as promised here are some images.

I decided to free motion quilt the names of the group members into the background around the cups and as you can see this has created a lovely texture. This is one of my favourite ways of quilting backgrounds.
I also completed the hand quilting on my Indian block printed quilt so all that is needed now is a binding. I will post images when it is bound.
My week in Canada was wonderful. I haven't visited at this time of the year before so it was an amazing experience to see the rain forest draped in lichen.

There was also an abundance of fungi
A fairy staircase maybe?
or maybe umbrellas?
Some were not quite so attractive!
As well as admiring the vegetation we went on several trips including a visit to Vancouver Art Gallery to see the Emily Carr and Landon Mackenzie exhibition: Wood Chopper and the Monkey. We also discovered an amazing installation by Ai WeiWei but more about both of these in my next post.
I hope your January has been as exciting as mine! Thanks for reading.