Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Whispers Challenge

Our Whispers Challenge was very popular with visitors to Stitch in the Middle's latest exhibition Nature and Artifice. Although the exhibition is now over I will show you, as promised, the inspiration and resulting A4 quiltlets.
Two groups took part in the challenge, one with six members and the other with seven. The first person in each group was given this photograph from which to design and make an A4 sized quilt.

These were the resulting quilts from group one.
Jan was the only member of this group to see the photograph. The following quilts were inspired by seeing only the previous quilt.

Group two produced a very different collection of quilts.

Again, as first member of the group, Cheryl had the photograph for inspiration.

Who would have thought that all of these pieces of work had the same starting point and how different the results are in each group.
This was fun challenge for a group and was a great addition to the exhibition.

Thanks for reading.