Sunday, 26 October 2014

Nature and Artifice

I have just returned from Weavers Gallery in Ledbury where we have set up the latest exhibition of the Contemporary Quilt Group, Stitch in the Middle. This year's exhibition is 'Nature and Artifice' with the work on display influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement.
As you can see, the exhibition opens tomorrow so we hope you will be able to come and see how we have interpreted the theme. Here's a taster of what is on show.

We have also worked on a  whisper challenge with interesting results. We formed two groups each starting with the same photograph taken by one of the group members during a visit to Wightwick Manor in Staffordshire. Only the first person in each group saw the photograph, the rest of the group had only the previous person's quilt as inspiration.

It is fascinating to see how one quilt inspires the next. I will take some detailed photographs tomorrow when I am stewarding, and I will also include the original photograph that inspired the challenge.
Hope to see you there!



  1. The exhibition photos look lovely. I like the whisper quilts too.

  2. Thanks Maggi. The whisper challenge produced some interesting quilts.