Monday, 20 October 2014

A weekend of treats

Well it was my birthday!
On Saturday we visited Gloucester Cathedral to see Crucible 2, an exhibition of fabulous sculptures. This is the second exhibition of its kind at this venue and I can see exactly why as the Cathedral makes a wonderful setting.
Walking in through the main entrance we were met by Pilgrim by David Backhouse . What an amazing face.

Then through the door to be confronted with The Thief by David Mach. An imposing, larger than life sculpture.
Mach uses mass produced items, in this case wire coat hangers, from which to construct his work.
One of my favourite pieces was Sue Freeborough's Let There be Spaces in your Togetherness.
It was a difficult piece to photograph but I found it a powerful sculpture especially where it was positioned within the chancel.
All of the Cathedral is used to display the 100 sculptures, from the Crypt, the Cloisters to the College Green.
In the Cloister Garth was Beyond Silence by Ann Christopher, such a contrast to the architecture surrounding it in this peaceful garden in the centre of the Cloisters.
Lynn Chadwick's two sculptures Sitting Couple on a Bench and Jubilee IV dominate the green near to the Cathedral entrance.
This exhibition is on until 31st October and definitely worth a visit as is Gloucester Cathedral which has wonderful architecture, stained glass windows and other works of art.

As the sun was shining yesterday we decided to find some autumnal colours and visited Bodenham Arboretum which is situated between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth. We were not disappointed!

We needed a walk after brunch with the family and as you can see, it was enjoyed by all!
After the celebrations I must get down to making a play mat for a new member of the family due to arrive next month, a brother or sister for my beautiful granddaughter.
Hope you have all had as much fun as I have this weekend.

Speak soon