Monday, 16 June 2014

Playing with colour

I spent a very enjoyable session last week experimenting with a new colour palette.
I used Procion dyes thickened with print paste (Manutex) and applied the dye with an old credit card. It's great fun playing with colour mixes like this even if you don't have access to your inspirational photo!
I started with golden yellow and a small amount of dark brown dye and then gradually changed the value by mixing in more and more print paste. For once I was sensible and noted down what I was doing each time so that hopefully I will be able to achieve the same colours again! Usually I enjoy the  serendipity of dyeing but as I have an end goal I thought I would practice what I preach!
Once I had created a colour run I then added different dyes to the pots - just to see what happened. I experimented with adding scarlet to the 4th pot and then diluting it with print paste, turquoise to the 5th pot and royal blue to the 6th pot. The greens in the next row up are a mixture of pot 6 and the royal blue. As you can see this is very addictive and it is amazing the wonderful colours that result.
The coloured section on the side of the chart is the result of cleaning off my credit card each time I had recorded the colour. I'm sure this will find it's way into a piece of work.
This is the photograph that I was inspired by. It is a stained glass window in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.
Apologies for the wonky image but I must say I was quite impressed by the colours I had produced.
The next stage in the process is to use these experiments as a guide to dyeing a collection of cloth. This is working towards one of several pieces of work for an exhibition next year - I hope you are impressed by this early start!
We managed to spend some time in the garden this weekend and one of the major jobs was to trim the bay tree which was getting out of hand. As you can see, it makes quite a statement.

Unfortunately with the trimming of the tree we removed four pigeon nests but I'm sure they will find somewhere else to take up residency nearby.
This one was a double decker! How the eggs stay in the nest is quite beyond me as the nests are flat.

Just a reminder about our exhibition this weekend. Looking forward to catching up with many of you at Avoncroft Arts Centre and if you can't get there I promise to post some images next time.

All for now and thanks for reading.


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