Monday, 2 June 2014

A busy month

May seems to have flown by but with a lot achieved. Hopefully June will move at a slower pace, although looking at my diary, not much slower!
Our week in Scotland was wonderful. It was so good to catch up with friends north of the border and to take part in the last Loch Lomond Quilt Show.

There were nine venues for the various exhibitions in churches from Dumbarton to Balloch, a town on the banks of Loch Lomond.
Sushi quilts in the chancel
Four Seasons across the pews
My quilts were in Riverside Church in Dumbarton together with over 250 quilts from 22 groups taking part in a Chinese Whispers challenge.
This was a fun challenge. Each group started with a photograph of the Clyde Arc, known locally as the Squinty Bridge, a road bridge that crosses the river Clyde in Glasgow. This photograph was only seen by the first person in the group who made a quilt inspired by it. This quilt then passed on to the next person who made a quilt inspired by the first quilt, and so on. It was amazing to see how the ideas developed over the course of the challenge. Unfortunately I didn't take any photographs!
There are some beautiful windows in this church. I went up into the balcony to photograph this one which is behind the altar.
The colours were so vibrant with beautiful shading through the angels wings and drapes.
The above image is of the Millennium Window which was designed and painted by John K.Clark This window is situated above the main entrance to the church. Such an interesting contrast between the two.
Once back from Scotland the pressure was on to complete three quilts for photography for the Art Textiles catalogue. This I managed apart from bindings and facings but there were a few late nights! I must now work on the bindings to make sure I'm not stitching them the week before Festival of Quilts. Here are a few tasters.

I hope you are all managing to meet your deadlines for up and coming exhibitions.
Thanks for reading and speak to you again soon.


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