Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!

I mustn't complain - it's good to be involved with so many different groups and exhibitions but suddenly all of the deadlines are upon me and I have seven pieces of work to complete before the end of May.  I can hear you saying - you must have known the date for completion - and of course I did but that doesn't stop me from leaving everything to the last minute. This is my reason (excuse) for not having written a blog for the last month!
This one will be short and will focus on the two pieces to be completed for my exhibition at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show which opens on 14th May. I'm very excited about this show and am very pleased to be involved in what will be the tenth and final show. I'm also teaching a workshop 'Can't resist it!' at The Studio on 16th May so if you would like a fun day experimenting with all kinds of resists (flour, wax etc) to create one off fabrics then do get in touch with the organisers http://www.lochlomondquiltshow.com/content/workshoplist.html
One of the pieces I have to complete is Changing Seasons. This fabric started life quite a while ago and has been sitting in my workroom waiting for the next stage.

This is the completed fabric written with a Copic pen. I like the effect of repeated words written freely across a fabric. As you can see I didn't mark lines to keep the letters of similar size or the writing straight!
The next stage was to cut triangular 'flags' of fabric to represent the colours of the changing seasons.
This is a detail and not fully resolved although I have now bonded most of the 'flags' but not taken an updated photograph.
In my previous blog I showed images of some wisteria blocks I had worked on. The quilt is almost finished but this is the last photograph I took of it and it is definitely work in progress.
More photos to follow soon, that is if I can tear myself away from the sewing machine!
Thanks for reading,