Saturday, 25 January 2014

Making progress

It's been a busy week but I have made progress with my quilts for the summer exhibitions. It was also the first workshop of my six month course, Inspired by Art at The Bramble Patch. Once again, it is a great group of students who are enthusiastic about exploring lots of different ways to develop original designs which will lead to new and exciting textile pieces. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos but I will put that right next month!
Here is an update on the quilting of 'Six Houses'.

The top section is quilted with a diagonal grid which contrasts quite nicely with the vertical quilting in the lower section.

The house numbers are going through many different arrangements until I decide finally how I will attach them to the background.
I have also made progress with another piece. I started with a set of house templates and a selection of fabrics and cut out a town!

This is how it is looking now.

I am continuing with my theme of house numbers so the next stage is to experiment with the addition of numbers, or should I say more numbers, to these houses.
On a short muddy walk alongside the canal last weekend I photographed some wonderful grasses which sparkled in the sunshine. I love wintery days like this when the sky is blue and sun is very low. Today we were caught in a thunderstorm with hailstones, such a contrast!

What wonderful inspiration for linear designs!

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