Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Making progress

I have made a good start to 2014 by making time to be creative each day. OK it's easy when there are no teaching commitments but I do hope to maintain the momentum even when daily life returns to normal - whatever that may be!
The quilting on my winter Four Seasons piece is coming along.

I am using a combination of machine and hand quilting allowing the printed designs in the various sections to influence the stitching.

These flowing horizontal lines give a feeling of movement in the top section of the quilt.

I wanted to create the impression of dried grasses in this lower section which I had previously mono printed using  a sheet of glassine and thickened dye. I really like the unpredictability of the marks this technique produces. There is still more stitching needed here and more contrast of thread colour.
I came across this photograph of a hedgerow in the Vendee area of France taken several years ago which provided just the right inspiration for the quilting.

I have spent the last couple of days sorting out a cupboard in the room where my grandchildren sleep when they visit. I have used the cupboard to store all sorts of things over the years but it was time for a clear out! It is now reorganised and I have managed to create some extra space to store rolled quilts, as long as they are no wider than 80 cms. I still need to create a space for the larger quilts - maybe I should have a sale to move some of them on to new homes. Now there's a thought!

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  1. Some wonderful marks and I really like the colour of that leaf.

  2. Thanks Maggi. The leaf was printed with rust powder thickened with manutex. I applied the mixture directly to the leaf and took a print.

  3. I love the leaf too - the layering brings something jaunty to the image! Impressed with the cupboard tidying - I am still at the exasperated stage of storage!