Sunday, 15 December 2013

Where does the time go?

Since last we spoke I have spent a fabulous 10 days in Italy at Masseria della Zingara working on new ideas and developing older cloths. It is such a luxury to spend all day being creative without having to worry about the normal everyday routines.
The highlight of my time in Puglia was a trip to the hillside town of Matera. The town is known for its sassi, stone houses which have been carved out of the hillside. The old town is gradually being restored but is still a photographer's dream with every few steps revealing yet another unexpected vista.

Matera made such an impression on me that the following day I printed a cloth inspired by my visit.  I responded to my photographs by producing this silk screen using torn strips of masking tape.

I then printed my fabric using this palette of thickened Procion dyes,

with a 'squirt' of acid yellow dye added to each of the nine mixed dyes.

When the yellow dye was well mixed in I set about printing, beginning with the palest colours

until I had used all nine colours.

Since returning home I have dyed the background but have not yet rinsed the fabric. Once I have done that I will post the result - which I hope has worked!
There is lots more 'work in progress' happening here so I will post again soon.

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  1. Thanks for a really interesting post Edwina - don't all those house layer beautifully - I feel I can hear the bustle in the streets! I look forward to seeing the dyed cloth!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. The cloth is rinsed and pressed but the light is so poor it's difficult to photograph it. Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow.

  3. Such a beautiful place and your screen has turned out so well.