Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dyeing results

It may be nearly Christmas but I have had a week at home so have indulged in a few things that I have not found time for during the last few weeks.
First of all I rinsed my printed fabric inspired by my visit to Matera in Southern Italy.

Having masked out the top section of the cloth using a profile of the hilltop town, I scraped a pale thickened dye over this lower section of the cloth. When it was dry I ironed the lower section of the freezer paper mask on to this dyed section and applied another slightly brighter dye to the top section. I wanted some colour on the background but only enough to take away the stark background.
Now it is rinsed I am ready to assemble it with wadding and backing so that I can add stitch to highlight this profile which is not as obvious as in the image above!

I am very mean with mixed dye so these fabrics are the result of mixing different combinations of the dyes described in my last post.

I really like the marks on the fabric achieved with rather over enthusiastic scraping of dye on to the cloth. The central and right hand cloth have a look of Log Cabin about them.

How about these lovely fabrics to brighten a dull December day? These are the result of a demonstration at a recent dyeing workshop I taught. Here I used turquoise, golden yellow and red brown dyes to create a rainbow effect. The red brown dye was not as potent as I had expected it to be but I love the subtle colours it produced.
As it's Christmas I have also enjoyed some time in the kitchen making ice cream, chocolate salame as demonstrated by Nigella Lawson in a recent TV programme and I was very pleased with this loaf of bread using a Paul Hollywood recipe.

I must admit it tasted as good as it looked!
We have also celebrated an early Christmas with the grandchildren as we won't all be together this year on Christmas day so the opening of a few presents was allowed!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a little time to do things you enjoy too!

Thanks for reading.