Sunday, 27 October 2013

Autumn, rust and indigo

I have spent two creative days with  Ineke on her Four Seasons course over the last two months. As would be expected we have worked with autumn colours, our own interpretation of course, and leaves.
I had already dyed a lovely range of fabrics as a demonstration during one of my own dyeing workshops so was very happy to start playing with simple patchwork techniques and these scummy fabrics.

Actually the fabrics are more subdued than in the photo!
Next I will be printing over the top using some lovely leaf screens I have had made from prints using leaves.
Last month we experimented with vinegar soaked cloth with added steel wool and tea (the best thing to do with tea - I'm a coffee drinker and loathe tea!). We also used some iron powder thickened with manutex paste to print leaves. These turned out really well even before dunking in an indigo vat this month.


I also clamped circles onto another rust dyed fabric before adding it to the indigo dye.

Love this!

We also dipped leaves into the indigo dye and carefully printed them onto fabric.

So delicate.

Now to some stitching

We have very strong winds forecast later today so it will be a good time to relax indoors with a little hand stitching. I am working on a ' slow cloth' inspired by Jude Hill's Spirit Cloth.

I am using a well washed linen napkin as a base with a variety of other fabrics appliquéd to the surface. The marks I am making are my response to a challenge I set at the last meeting of the Midlands Stitch in the Middle CQ group. Everyone made their mark on a large piece of paper that I then tore up and gave a section to every member present with the challenge of responding to it in what ever way they wanted. We meet again tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what everyone has produced.
This is my section of the paper.

Thank you for reading and speak again soon.



  1. Where do I start with all these delicious effects? Love the rust with the indigo and it is such a contrast with the delicate images of the indigo printed leaves. beautiful stitching on the slow cloth.

  2. I am a colour person so I love your dyed fabrics and the patchwork you have made with them. But also love your whitework too - so effective. I am I intrigued by your vinegar and tea pieces, they are so beautiful. Is there somewhere that I can find a how to on his technique please?

  3. Hi Lin. There is nothing complicated about the vinegar and tea effects. A 50/50 vinegar and water solution applied to the cloth and then place on the steel wool or other metal objects and I actually sponged the cloth with used tea bags! You could use actual tea and paint, sponge etc it to the cloth. Wrap the objects tightly in the cloth and then in plastic and place a weight on top. Leave for a few days, if you can be patient! Hope this helps. Have fun!