Sunday, 27 October 2013

Autumn, rust and indigo

I have spent two creative days with  Ineke on her Four Seasons course over the last two months. As would be expected we have worked with autumn colours, our own interpretation of course, and leaves.
I had already dyed a lovely range of fabrics as a demonstration during one of my own dyeing workshops so was very happy to start playing with simple patchwork techniques and these scummy fabrics.

Actually the fabrics are more subdued than in the photo!
Next I will be printing over the top using some lovely leaf screens I have had made from prints using leaves.
Last month we experimented with vinegar soaked cloth with added steel wool and tea (the best thing to do with tea - I'm a coffee drinker and loathe tea!). We also used some iron powder thickened with manutex paste to print leaves. These turned out really well even before dunking in an indigo vat this month.


I also clamped circles onto another rust dyed fabric before adding it to the indigo dye.

Love this!

We also dipped leaves into the indigo dye and carefully printed them onto fabric.

So delicate.

Now to some stitching

We have very strong winds forecast later today so it will be a good time to relax indoors with a little hand stitching. I am working on a ' slow cloth' inspired by Jude Hill's Spirit Cloth.

I am using a well washed linen napkin as a base with a variety of other fabrics appliquéd to the surface. The marks I am making are my response to a challenge I set at the last meeting of the Midlands Stitch in the Middle CQ group. Everyone made their mark on a large piece of paper that I then tore up and gave a section to every member present with the challenge of responding to it in what ever way they wanted. We meet again tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what everyone has produced.
This is my section of the paper.

Thank you for reading and speak again soon.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A few days in the sun

A friend and I were lucky enough to spend a few days in southern Spain last week visiting another old friend we taught with in the 70's. It was great to catch up as it was 12 years since we last all met up. She has a beautiful second floor apartment in Estepona with fabulous views from her roof terrace across to the mountains in the north

and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

Estepona is a pretty white walled Spanish town with long stretches of beautiful sandy beaches, a busy marina and a working fishing port which provides a wide variety of fish for the many restaurants and tapas bars in the area.

The narrow streets of the old town are filled with colourful flowers and each street has different coloured flower pots attached to the walls. This is red flower pot street!

In other areas of the town artists have painted amazing tromp d'oeil such as this on to otherwise plain buildings. The colours of this particular one were so vibrant.
We also visited Marbella, another fascinating town filled with beautiful white walled buildings in the old town and a collection of Salvador Dali sculptures leading down to the sea.

Of course a little eating and drinking took place over the course of our stay and this fine fellow tasted delicious once it was cooked in a salt wrap.

There was also time to sit and relax by the sea and soak up a few October rays.

Back home now and catching up with a few gardening chores which include planting daffodil bulbs which will hopefully provide a splash of colour next spring.
Thanks for visiting, speak to you soon.