Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ready to start again

Perhaps it's the weather, which has turned decidedly chilly over the last few days, that has inspired me to get going again after a few weeks when all I managed creatively was a few rows of knitting. Not that I have anything against knitting, I love it!

The yarn I am using is Shibui 100% linen. The top is knitted from the centre front to the centre back and as it is only the two front sections that have the lacy pattern, in reality it shouldn't take too long to knit. I'll keep you posted!
I spent a couple of days last week working on a new theme which involves numbers. In fact the numbers refer to the house numbers where I have lived.
I decided to do some breakdown printing which is a great way of producing some large pieces of printed cloth. I made three separate screens using large plastic number shapes on one and piped thickened dye on the other two. The larger piped numbers worked well and the numbers were still identifiable but on the other screen I tried piping smaller numbers and they didn't hold their shape but produced some interesting hieroglyphics when printed on to cloth.

This is the cloth using the plastic numbers. Here it is still wet and on the print bench.

I introduced some colour into my second cloth and used both of the piped thickened dye screens. I decided upon the turquoise dye for the more distinctive screen and black for the other screen. I like the way the black dye from the numbers dirties the bright blue.

There was a little dye remaining on the one screen so I continued to work with it and more turquoise dye to produce the ghostly marks on the fabric at the back of the photo. The fabric in the foreground is the result of printing with a Thermofax screen I made using a printed page from my sketchbook. I started printing with a pale turquoise and gradually darkened it with the addition of tiny amounts of black dye.
So what's next? I'm now at the mulling over stage but I know that each of these fabrics need developing so I will pin them up on my design wall and stare at them for a while.
I have also worked on a sample for a new workshop that I will be teaching at The Bramble Patch and Coles Sewing Centre in November. The workshop is Wholecloth Machine Quilted Nine Patch and I have taken a traditional nine patch design, in this case Churn Dash, and used it to provide the basic structure of the design. The lines are not meant to be straight just in case you think I can't stitch in straight lines!

So if you feel you would like to develop your machine quilting skills do get in touch with the shops to book a place.
That's all for now so thank you for visiting and I'll be back soon.