Monday, 20 May 2013

Busy weeks

Do you ever frighten yourself by writing a list of all the work that needs to be completed within a couple of months? Well I did that two weeks ago which is why I'm only just writing this update.
The Living in the Middle exhibition had come and gone! It was a great exhibition and here are a few images to share with you.

From the left: Judith Hill's drawn and stitched view of Galton Bridge over the canal; Jill Gray's  printed and stitched wallhanging inspired by Birmingham buildings; Lesley Brankin's impression of the new Birmingham library

From the left: Amanda Wright's reflections in the windows of a Birmingham building; Jan Webb's interpretation of a floor in Croome Park; Jill Exell's printed and pieced wallhanging inspired by the Cube in Birmingham.

From the left: Pauline Barnes's wallhanging was inspired by the Selfridges building in Birmingham; Hilary Beatties's two wallhangings were inspired by the cathedral and the swans in Lincoln.

So one exhibition finished, several more looming!
Last week I completed the stitching on another Sushi wallhanging in readiness for the next Six and Friends Orientation exhibition at Minerva in Llanidloes in July. There will be a Meet the Artist get together on Sunday 21st July in the afternoon, so if you fancy a trip to west Wales we would love to see you.

This photo was taken before the double sided squares were stitched in place and the sides straightened but I think you can get an idea of how the finished piece will look.

I have also put together a collection of blocks which is part of a group project to be exhibited next month. The blocks were each worked on by a different member of the group over a period of time. We each decided on our own theme then each person in the group worked on everyones blocks. This is a great idea as each person ends up with their own quilt. As to be expected my blocks have sat in a bag for quite a long time but with a date for the exhibition set it was time to put them together.

My theme was a sunset and each person worked on a block measuring 10inches by 5inches using a soft applique technique. As each person provided the fabrics they wanted used for their blocks I included soft cottons, sheers and tulle together with the backing and wadding. Each finished block has both machine and hand stitching and several members of the group resurrected some hand embroidery stitches which lend themselves beautifully to this technique. I will post photos of the finished hanging soon.
Meanwhile my students have been experimenting with mono printing techniques and have produced some lovely fabrics. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with them next!

Thank you for visiting.
Speak to you soon