Tuesday, 5 March 2013

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There seems to be a lot going on at the moment, always the case when there is an exhibition looming. The second showing of Orientation will open at The Bramble Patch on 23rd March. The exhibition is on for two weeks and there will be some new pieces added to the original exhibition shown at Forge Mill Needle Museum last year.
As would be expected, I am still putting the finishing touches to Sushi Roll and Sushi Logs.

This is Sushi Logs with some added hand stitching. The quilting is now completed and I am now finishing off the facing. The whole quilt will be rolled into a box so that is next on the list to complete. I know this sounds rather unusual but as it is 25 cm wide by 265 cm long, I think this will work.

Several weeks ago I was blogging about my students dyeing some family collections of fabric. As promised, here are some images of the results of these double dyeing sessions.

These were dyed with scarlet and then dark brown procion dyes.

A mixture of scarlet and magenta followed by indigo procion dye.

I think there will be some stunning designs produced using these fabulous fabric collections. I will keep you posted!
There has been a suggestion of spring in the air over the last few days and we have taken advantage of this to visit some local National Trust properties. We have visited Croome Park and Hanbury Hall many times but on both of these recent occasions have ventured into areas not explored previously.
At Croome we went into the church of St Mary Magdalene which was created by Robert Adam and Lancelot 'Capability' Brown when Croome Park was remodelled in the 18th century. What impressed me most were the details carved into the monuments which had been moved from the old church which dated back to the early 17th century.

The detail in the cushion and the tassels is wonderful.

A lovely lace trim!

What gorgeous curls!

And a lovely vista from the temple on the hill above the main house.
At Hanbury Hall we walked through the parkland which is scattered with wonderful architectural trees

and some tassel like catkins.

I hope you have managed to enjoy the sunshine too.
Speak to you soon

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