Friday, 22 February 2013

Pojagi pieces

I wanted to share with you the results from some of the students attending my Pojagi workshop this week. It was a lovely calm workshop with everyone enjoying the freedom of cutting and seaming fabrics together to create a pleasing composition.

We pinned them altogether on the wall and what a wonderful, colourful display they made. Everyone used cotton organdie that I had previously dyed. The seams provide the change of value and give the look of stained glass. These pieces look good displayed in a window or against a white wall as here.

The cotton organdie takes the dye beautifully.

Today has been a family day. Ted and I made chocolate chip cookies.

I think he had as much fun washing up as he did cooking!

Now it's time to put my feet up and enjoy a glass of wine!
I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Quilting with a difference!

The challenge was how to quilt flowing words from top to bottom of a quilt. The answer was to turn my sewing machine.

I have often thought about using my machine in this way but never actually tried it and now I know why - it's very hard on the shoulders! This is because you need to sit quite low to be able to see what you are stitching as the machine casing obliterates the needle and the foot. Nevertheless, I persevered, making sure I stood up, flexed my shoulders and stretched after every few rows of quilting.

It was interesting to use the machine and not be able to see any of the buttons etc and I certainly found having the foot tension lever in the wrong place challenging! It felt like using a completely different sewing machine.
Fortunately there was only a small area to quilt and I must admit I completed the quilting quite quickly. It definitely enabled my quilted writing to flow and there was very little manoeuvring of the quilt needed which certainly wouldn't have been the case had I used my machine conventionally.

Here you can see a detail of Broken Windows, which will be exhibited at The Living in the Middle exhibition at Weavers Gallery, Ledbury from 29 April to 12 May 2013.
You will be pleased to know that my shoulders are fully recovered now although I am about to go into the garden and tackle some of the overgrown bushes before they burst into bud! And the sun is shining!!
Speak to you soon

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Textile Tuesday

Home again after another inspiring day with my Textile Inspirations students. There were lots of exciting buckets of dye around the studio as some were dyeing their first batch of colours for a family gradation and others were completing their second batch. We already saw some fabulous results of this two stage technique but unfortunately I forgot to take any photos! Will do so next week.
When not dyeing fabrics there is an on-going project which is to interpret a list of words using black and/or white fabrics as a base and then responding to the word in stitch. Everyone is tackling this in their own way and there are some interesting little textiles happening. I am also working on this project and here are some of my squares

and a few more prepared ready for stitch.

The challenge once they are all completed is to organise them as a collection maybe as a book but that will be a decision left to the individual. I think they will make an amazing display at our exhibition in June.
As I was clearing up I managed to knock over a small pot of dye so not wanting to waste it I immediately mopped it up with a piece of fabric! There were a few other dredges of dye left so I kneaded them into the fabric as well. Who knows what the result will be but it's always worth experimenting!

Last week Beth, one of my patchwork students, brought along her finished quilt to show us all. It is a beautiful traditional quilt made from Liberty fabrics using both hand and machine piecing techniques and totally quilted by hand.

Isn't it fabulous?

Although we have had another cold day here in The Midlands I noticed a touch of spring in the garden.

These miniature daffodils managed to grow out of the paving slabs where the bulbs had dropped and

this primrose, also growing between the paving slabs has been in flower for several weeks. I'm afraid this doesn't say much for my gardening skills!
If you are free this Thursday and would like a day out I still have a few places left on my Colour Confidence workshop at Littleheath Barn, Bromsgrove. It's a busy week as on Friday I am flying to Ireland where I am giving a talk and teaching a workshop for the Mid West Ireland Patchwork Guild in Limerick. Should be fun!
I hope you are having a busy and creative week too.

Speak to you soon