Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A new term

It's always good to get back into some kind of routine after the Christmas holidays and yesterday was the start of a new term for my Textile Inspirations students.This term we are looking at colour inspired by a favourite painting, so armed with a pile of magazines and a gridded copy of their source they set about matching the main colour in each section. Once completed the next task was to add a small cut out shape of magazine to represent another colour seen in each section. The results were very exciting and I thought they were definitely worth sharing with you.
Ann worked with long thin rectangles which echoed the bamboo
Annette challenged herself with this explosion of colour
Jan's favourite painting translated in an interesting way
Jenny produced a design full of colour
Jill's painting by Martin Procter inspired this colourful scheme
Kathy's photograph inspired this layout
A colourful bag was the starting point for Rita's design
The colours of a painting by Van Gogh inspired Sheila
Sue was inspired by this beautiful painting
Trish worked with this painting by Joan Miro
This still life inspired Wendi

Ineke and Ruth made a start on the next activity which was to paint papers to match their colour swatches and develop more possible designs.
Next time we will be dyeing fabrics appropriate to these exciting colour schemes so it will be interesting to see how these initial ideas develop over the next few weeks.
Hope you have found these inspirational and thank you for reading.