Monday, 21 January 2013

A little bit of quilting

At least with a few inches of snow on the ground it is a good excuse to stay indoors and stitch. I must admit I'm ready for it all to disappear now so that life can get back to normal. I'm looking forward to my Textile Inspirations students starting on the first step of their family dyeing session tomorrow and my new course Inspired by Art starts at the Bramble Patch on Wednesday, so let's hope the snow has disappeared by then.
If you have checked out the sixandfriends blog recently you will see that I quilted my latest sushi quilt on Linda's long arm quilting machine last week. Spurred on by this I have now trimmed and bound the edges and started adding some hand quilting to some of the circles.

I like the sharp pimento red thread on the mainly black and white fabrics.

As you can see I decided to bind the edges with grey fabric. Having auditioned black, white, green, red and patterned fabrics this was the colour that worked best. I may add some extra stitching in the binding   when I have completed the quilting within the blocks.
At last I have finished the skirt I started making before Christmas - that was my first mistake! Hopefully it will fit when I have lost the extra Christmas pounds that seem to have collected around my waist!
I hope you have had a productive weekend too.

Speak to you soon


  1. I love it. Wonderful idea...
    Carmina (Romania)

  2. The red hand stitching really works well. Hoping that I can get off my road tomorrow to join you at the Bramble Patch.

  3. Thanks Maggi. See you tomorrow, snow permitting!