Monday, 31 December 2012

Last deadline for 2012

I completed my last Journal Quilt for this year's Contemporary Quilt Group challenge last night. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, this year I have used the monthly themes from the online Sketchbook Challenge group and of course, these then had to fit in with the CQ group challenge of four red, four yellow and four blue A4 quilts.
The theme for September was Pattern so I challenged myself to use a piece of fabric previously printed with various screens. I based my machine and hand quilting on the circular based patterns on the fabric.
I found October's theme an interesting one, 'Cabinets of Curiosities'. This time I turned to some of my favourite jugs and vases and although they are not all blue in real life, I used their shapes and patterning to inspire this quilt. I appliquéd  them to pieced Attic Window blocks made from various indigo dyed fabrics from my stash. It feels so good delving into the drawers of fabrics and using some of my dyed and printed pieces.
Spice of life was the theme for November so this time I used my cupboard of spices to inspire the colours for this quilt. I produced a background of different blue fabrics and then bonded my pots and spices on to it. I still have a much treasured collection of Manchester indigo fabrics that I bought from June Morris many years ago and these provided just the right contrast between the background and the various mounds of spices.
To complete the collection of quilts I went with a seasonal approach to the theme of Gifts. A group of silk covered gift boxes stacked on top of one another, tied with metallic braid ( a great stitch, no. 157 on my Bernina Aurora!) on a star studded background.
Well that's it for 2012. There certainly has been a lot of work in progress and a lot completed, thank goodness! There will be new challenges for 2013 with more exhibitions to work towards, new workshops and courses to plan plus all of the other things that I want to do such as make clothes from the many lengths of cloth I either buy or dye and print myself, knit using some of the bags of wool I have accumulated over the last few years and always challenge myself to try something new.
Thank you for visiting my blog this year and may I wish you all a happy, healthy and creative 2013.
All for now


  1. I have some indigo fabric I dyed a while ago and have hesitated to use because I love it so much. Seeing it in your quilts motivates me to design a quilt using it as a background. Thanks.

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