Thursday, 1 November 2012

Flour resist results and more

A few weeks ago I posted about my experiments with flour resists and today I actually found time to photograph the resulting fabrics showing various degrees of crackle.
Needless to say I was thrilled with the results! The flour paste was applied to two fabrics that were soda soaked and when dry, scrunched tightly to break down the flour paste and then painted (or rather rubbed) with thickened dye paint. Bottom left was rubbed with normal consistency thickened dye and the fabric bottom right was rubbed with thinned down thickened dye.
The other two fabrics were not soda ashed. Top left was rubbed with watered down screen ink and the remaining fabric was rubbed with India ink. These were obviously not ironed to set the ink but left for several days for the ink to set into the fabric before washing out the flour paste.
My favourite was the screen ink mainly because I achieved an interesting variety of marks but actually I think they were all successful.
I now need to experiment with texturing the flour paste as it is applied to the fabric as I think that will give good results. I will keep you posted.
I have been out and about teaching and last week I was at the Husqvarna Studio in Nottingham where I taught my Pleat, Tuck and Fray workshop. There were some fabulous results as everyone began to slash, bloom and roll!

These techniques are a great way to experiment with colour and create some exciting and sometimes unexpected results.
There are lots of works in progress dotted around my workroom at present - an advent calendar for Isla,  the latest journal quilts, new designs for the next Orientation exhibition at The Bramble Patch over Easter next year and piecing together fabrics for Living in the Middle, an exhibition of work based on architecture of the Midlands by the Midlands contemporary quilt group. This will open at the Weavers Gallery at the end of April. It's good to be busy!
Hope you are finding time to be creative as well.
All for now