Monday, 24 September 2012

Playing with flour

I know I have a bit of a reputation for baking brownies and such but last week I spent two days at Committed to Cloth experimenting with flour on silk screens! I have always wanted to try working with flour resists so it seemed an appropriate technique to use with my broken window design  that I previously used with soy wax.
I made a flour and water mix with the consistency similar to that of a pancake batter and using a squeegee, spread it over some cotton fabric.
Using the same mixture and method I applied some to the flat side of a silk screen and left it to dry.
Then, using a wooden skewer I drew into the hardened resist, carefully scraping away at the flour.
Now the fun began! Printing with this screen gave me some wonderful effects as you can see here.
One window....
multiple windows!
On another piece of fabric I then experimented by overlapping the windows and gradually changing the colour of the thickened dye.
I then returned to my fabric with the multiple windows and using a small section cut from an old credit card I scraped two different colours onto the fabric to suggest brickwork.
I haven't decided how to proceed with these fabrics, I think they probably need to stay pinned up on the design wall for a while.
The fabrics that I prepared with the flour paste were scrunched up to crack the dry paste and then sponged with dye on the soda soaked pieces and India Ink and watered down screen ink on the untreated pieces. They are still waiting to be washed but hopefully I have achieved a good crackle effect. I will keep you posted.
I really like the effect I have achieved here and will certainly experiment more with the technique.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Love the overprinted image as it has so much depth. Very nice colours on the last piece too.

  2. wowser! they look fabby Edwina. I ove the B+W ones especially, but they all look excellent and very inspiring. It is a long time sinec I did a screen with flour paste and now I am itching to have another go .... it looks a great technique for architecture , you can really cature that slightly aged and fractured look. Look forward to seeing these cloths in the flesh at the next MG meeting x