Monday, 24 September 2012

Playing with flour

I know I have a bit of a reputation for baking brownies and such but last week I spent two days at Committed to Cloth experimenting with flour on silk screens! I have always wanted to try working with flour resists so it seemed an appropriate technique to use with my broken window design  that I previously used with soy wax.
I made a flour and water mix with the consistency similar to that of a pancake batter and using a squeegee, spread it over some cotton fabric.
Using the same mixture and method I applied some to the flat side of a silk screen and left it to dry.
Then, using a wooden skewer I drew into the hardened resist, carefully scraping away at the flour.
Now the fun began! Printing with this screen gave me some wonderful effects as you can see here.
One window....
multiple windows!
On another piece of fabric I then experimented by overlapping the windows and gradually changing the colour of the thickened dye.
I then returned to my fabric with the multiple windows and using a small section cut from an old credit card I scraped two different colours onto the fabric to suggest brickwork.
I haven't decided how to proceed with these fabrics, I think they probably need to stay pinned up on the design wall for a while.
The fabrics that I prepared with the flour paste were scrunched up to crack the dry paste and then sponged with dye on the soda soaked pieces and India Ink and watered down screen ink on the untreated pieces. They are still waiting to be washed but hopefully I have achieved a good crackle effect. I will keep you posted.
I really like the effect I have achieved here and will certainly experiment more with the technique.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Pojagi preparations

Those of you who read Six and Friends and follow my blog will know that the Orientation exhibition is now open at Forge Mill Needle Museum, Redditch and that one of my pieces is based on the Korean technique of Pojagi, traditionally used to make wrapping cloths. My piece, The Teahouse, was inspired by a building I had seen at the V & A designed by Terunobu Fujimore. It is displayed suspended in front of a blind covered window so as the light changes throughout the day it casts different shadows across it.
On Friday 21 September I am teaching a workshop on this technique at Forge Mill and I have been busy dyeing a collection of fabrics for the students to use. I have used cotton organdie which has a lovely crisp finish and works beautifully for this technique.
I love the washing line looking like this!
There are a couple of places still available so if you are free and would like to spend a day learning a new technique then please contact Forge Mill
Today the Midlands Contemporary quilt Group, Stitching in the Middle met up at Bromsgrove Rugby Club. We are working towards an exhibition based on Midlands architecture. There are some exciting ideas starting to come together. It is always interesting to see what inspires other people.
I'm working with an idea that I have used for one of my Journal quilts which was inspired by a broken window in a disused building that I photographed when walking along a newly opened stretch of the canal in Droitwich.
This is the finished Journal quilt. I drew the window onto dyed fabric with soy wax and a tjanting then overdyed it.
I now intend to develop this idea to make a larger piece for the exhibition which will open next year at The Weavers Gallery, Ledbury in late spring.
We had a special treat at lunchtime as it was Hilary Beattie's 'big' birthday yesterday so she brought along a delicious chocolate cake for us to share. Happy Birthday Hilary!
Dixter came too!
Thank you for reading and speak to you soon.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Another deadline met

I finished stitching my final piece for the Orientation exhibition at 23.10 last night! So well within the deadline..........
Catherine and I delivered all of the work to Forge Mill Needle Museum, Redditch this morning, and left it with Jo-Ann who will be setting up the exhibition over the next two days.
As we opened out the quilts and unwrapped the packages and laid them out we could tell that she was already on the case and knew exactly where she would display the work to show it off to full advantage.
I'm looking forward to seeing the exhibition on Saturday and we hope that as many of you as possible will come and join us between 1pm and 3pm on Saturday 7th September.
See you there!