Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Time for Festival

I can't believe that it is set up day at Festival of Quilts tomorrow(today!). Where did that year ago?
Catherine arrived from Vancouver on Sunday and we have been busy preparing kits for our workshops that we will be teaching each day on the Mettler stand, C39.
I am always amazed at how much time it takes to prepare these kits as we have dyed fabrics, screen printed images on to each one and cut wadding and backing fabrics to size. Then of course there are the handouts to write.
Fortunately, our good friend Sue came along to help with the pressing and packing of the kits.
It has been a lovely day here today so we took a little time off for a tasty lunch!
The sewing machines are packed up and the crates are full of kits and samples for the workshops together with fabrics and threads for new projects we will be demonstrating. There are also rolls of quilts ready to be displayed on the stand. If you are visiting the show, do drop by C39 and say hello.
Hopefully see you soon!

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  1. As I said on Saturday, you ladies are always eating!!

    Lovely to meet you at last.

    Hilary G