Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Open Studio at The Bramble Patch

No sooner is Festival over for another year than we are packing our crates again in readiness for two days Open Studio at  The Bramble Patch.
Catherine Nicholls and I will be spending the next two days working on our latest quilts and demonstrating a whole range of techniques. We have rolls of quilts ready to display around the workshop plus lots of samples for you to see. If you would like to dye some fabric there will be an indigo vat for dunking some into, so if you are coming to see what we are up to and would like to join in, please bring along some fabric, a pair of rubber gloves and a plastic bag to carry home the wet fabric and have some fun!
Festival of Quilts seemed to fly by this year and it was great to see so many friends. Teaching and demonstrating on the Mettler Thread stand was a new venture and lots of fun.
Here you can see me demonstrating free motion quilting with a range of Mettler threads to a group of lovely ladies on one of my Spools of Colour workshops.
We were so busy that there was little time for looking around the show but I did manage to take in a few galleries and quilts first thing in the morning. I was particularly in awe of the fabulous gallery of work by Anne Worringer. Her use of indigo dye and discharge with a variety of Shibori techniques was wonderful. I think I will be adding her book to my wish list so that I can enjoy it at my leisure.
I know there are a lot of blogger posts with quilts from around the exhibition but here are a few of my favourites - I apologise if there is no name of the maker to accompany them all!
I certainly know the maker of this lovely book based on lichen research as it was made by one of my students Veronica Coad and I am delighted that she won a much deserved third prize in Quilt Creations. Well done Veronica!
Having worked with maps this year with Ineke Berlyn, I particularly liked this piece by Mike Wallace (I think!). Lovely textured fabrics and use of stitch.
Apologies for the quality of this image but this was one of my favourite quilts made by Vivien Little and as you can see by the certificates, I was not the only one who appreciated this clever design and well executed quilt.
Every time I walked past this quilt I would stop and admire it so I felt I must include it here. Maybe it was the crazy pieced background with the bold applique that appealed to me. It was made by Yvonne Kervinen from Sweden.
I'm afraid I can't recall who made this quilt but I thought the quilting was gorgeous and loved the beads used to connect the sections together.
There were many more quilts that caught my eye but I hope you enjoyed this small collection.
Thanks for reading.

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