Thursday, 19 July 2012

More pictures from the exhibition

Does any one know where I can buy a bundle of time? I promised to post more images from our exhibition at Avoncroft Arts Centre several weeks ago but a horrible chest infection, a weeks teaching in Scotland plus other more local workshops seem to have taken me over. There are several exhibition deadlines looming so I have been working away at some of these pieces and will share these with you soon.
Here are some images of work produced by my Textile Inspirations group that meet weekly during term time. This year they were inspired by some of their favourite things and produced another diverse collection of work. They are such an enthusiastic, fun group to work with and the standard of work they produce gets better each year.
Ruth's indigo quilt began last summer when she came to my indigo dyeing day at home with  a pre stitched 'sputnik' ready to dunk in the indigo bath. The resulting central square was stunning and she went on to use many more of her dyed fabrics and the Cut and Come Again technique to produce this fabulous quilt.
These beautifully stitched Kantha pieces were stitched by Trish. They were inspired by some highly decorative plates. As a complete contrast Trish also worked with the traditional Kaleidoscope block and some gorgeous hand dyed fabrics to produce this summery tablecloth.
 Jill used a combination of screen printed hand drawn motifs together with different types of resists to produce this wallhanging based on her own interpretation of her favourite flowers. Another burst of sunshine!
These lovely cushions and pictures were designed and made by Annette who used a collection of shells to inspire some of her work this year.
Jenny's quilt was inspired by some lovely Oriental bowls and these beautifully dyed fabrics. Unfortunately Jenny broke her arm during the summer term and wasn't able to quilt her quilt in time for the exhibition.

A collection of crocheted mats was the starting point for this unusual table runner. Ann dyed the mats in variety of colours before applying them to a dyed background which she had discharged and then screen printed with various screens based on the mat designs.
Judith's work this year was inspired by a collection of brass rubbings that she had inherited. This particular piece was made using a large paper lamination using some printed papers of her own drawings. It was heavily machine quilted to emphasise the textured areas.
One of Kathy's pieces was this lovely lampshade based on photographs taken on a trip to Iceland. She captured a lot of detail on the painted background with use of hand stitching and screen printing.
Jan takes regular walks on and around her local hills and her work this year has been inspired by the photographs of many of the wild plants that grow there. This piece used hand dyed and breakdown printed fabrics and was carefully pieced and embellished.
Sheila's beautifully stitched wall hanging was accompanied by an exciting sketchbook that recorded the design process.
I hope you have enjoyed this taster, I will post photographs of work produced by my monthly Journal Days students next time.
All for now