Monday, 30 April 2012

Phew! more deadlines met

I was determined to complete the last two journal quilts for the end of April deadline and I'm pleased to say I posted them on the Contemporary Quilt groups website a few hours ago. I was stitching late last night and completed a little hand stitching this afternoon, so I can now relax a little - until the end of next month. I really must try to meet the monthly deadline instead of sitting back and thinking I have until the end of August before I need to post the next four! Oh if only I could be disciplined....
This is my quilt for February which was inspired by The Sketchbook Challenge theme of Close Up.
It is based on an accidental photograph that I took, you know the kind that happens when you press the shutter without meaning to! Unfortunately I don't seem to have the image any longer and have cut up the original print as a pattern.
It is a view through the pattern on a garden table onto the patio and chippings. I know it doesn't sound very exciting but I quite liked the result. The background fabrics consist of a section of a printed fabric produced several years ago and a fun technique using butted squares of fabric that are stitched together with a three step zig zag stitch, cut apart, restitched etc. several times to produce a delicate but multicoloured fabric. The swirling table top section was cut and bonded onto the background and then quilted.
April's quilt was all hand stitched and once again inspired by The Sketchbook Challenge theme which was Open. This certainly was challenging and having doodled several ideas in my sketchbook I came up with this.
My favourite method of hand quilting is seeding so this was what I used to texture the area around this open oval shape. I used a brilliant shocking pink silk fabric together with various hand dyed threads to complete the quilting.
If you are following the sixandfriends blog then you will know that seven of the nine members managed to meet up at Linda's last week. It was a great day and good to see what everyone is producing for our Orientation exhibition in September. There is a lot of fabulous work already completed but most of mine is still at the dyed and printed fabrics stage although I have worked on my Pojagi piece.
This is a very relaxing technique as I am working it all by hand. If you are interested in learning a new method of stitching then you may like to sign up for the workshop I will be teaching at Forge Mill Needle Museum on Friday 21 September 2012.
Since last I blogged we have managed a few days away on the south coast at Lyme Regis. It is a beautiful area even when the wind blows and the waves are crashing against the famous Cobb.
The sun shone occasionally in-between the hail storms but there were still many opportunities to capture some typical coastal scenery.

I love the stranded boats that have been hauled onto the pebbles

and, of course, there are always wonderful rusty chains.

I hope you have managed to find inspiration if you have been out and about.
Thank you for reading and speak to you soon.

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