Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Home from Jersey

Well that was a good week. I really enjoy travelling, especially to new places, and I hadn't ventured across the Channel to Jersey before so this was another one to cross from my list. I wasn't disappointed.
I was teaching five workshops at the Jersey Textile Showcase but still found time to get out and about and explore the island.
We, my friend Sue and I, were staying at The Harbour View Guest house in St. Aubins, where we were very well looked after and this was the view from our bedroom window.
It is a pretty harbour with views across to St.Helier on the other side of the bay.
As you can see there were many happy students attending the classes and trying out new techniques. Many had travelled from the mainland and Guernsey to take part in the workshops and it was good to meet so many new people.
Here are some of the results from my Take One Flower workshop where many were tackling free machine quilting for the first time. I'm pleased to say that they achieved great results.
The Soft Applique workshop was very relaxing as once everyone had selected their colour palette and a variety of different textured fabrics they sat and chatted as they quilted the layers in blocks of stitches. There were some lovely pieces under way at the end of this half day workshop and hopefully some will now be complete.
I love to be near water, not so keen to be on it, so a walk along the jetty in St. Aubins was enjoyable. I couldn't resist photographing this lovely group of dinghies abandoned by the low tide.
A trip to the famous Corbiere lighthouse was also on the list of must sees. The causeway that leads to the lighthouse crosses an area which feels as though it belongs to another planet. The rock formations were very inspiring. This causeway is covered at high tide. You could definitely see why there is a need for a lighthouse in this very rocky area of the coast.
This is one of the beautiful beaches on the island, St. Brelades. It is hard to believe that only two hours after this photograph was taken we were fog bound at the airport which was a ten minutes drive away.
An interesting end to a very enjoyable week. I hope yours was as good as mine!
Speak to you soon

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Threads and samples

It's certainly been busy here the last few weeks packing kits and making samples for my trip to Jersey next week. An extra added excitement was the arrival of a wonderful selection of Mettler threads for me to promote through my work. As one of the new Mettler thread endorsees I will be using these threads in my latest quilts and future workshops. They stitch like a dream and what fabulous colours! This is just a small selection to inspire.
Here are samples for some of the workshops I will be teaching at the Jersey Textile Showcase
This is a detail from a sample for Take One Flower. This is a fun way to develop free machine quilting skills.
Between the Lines is a new workshop using quilted words, a great way to learn free motion quilting. Apologies for the poor photo.
I used some of my left over lichen fabrics to make this cushion sized sample for a half day Cut and Come Again workshop and for those who enjoy hand stitching, a relaxing soft appliqué Kantha style project. A work in progress sample!
There are lots more workshops on offer over the course of the week so if you are planning to visit please come and say hello.