Tuesday, 10 January 2012

An unexpected twist!

A few weeks ago I started to knit a cowl using bits and pieces of yarns that I had collected from previous projects or odd balls of yarn that couldn't be resisted on visits to wool shops. I knew one day they would come in useful.
I used a circular needle and by hanging it around my neck I decided how many stitches I needed to cast on and then I began to knit continuously until it was a width that I liked. I changed yarn every few rounds using lots of different weights of wool.
It soon became apparent that I had accidentally twisted my stitches on the needle when I knitted the first row and ended up with a lovely Mobius strip which sits beautifully around my neck.
My friend Jenny kindly modelled it for me so that I could take a photograph.
Linda Kemshall demonstrates various methods for making cowls in the latest edition of DMTV  Linda on DMTV
If it's cold outside why not look out some yarn and make yourself a cosy cowl.
Speak to you soon

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