Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A little dyeing

I have just spent a pleasant hour dyeing some fabric for the first time this year. Here is an image of the fabric lightly scrunched into a large container as I don't want too many textural marks on it.
This will be cut up and used for kits for one of the workshops I am teaching at the Jersey Textile Showcase 2012 which is taking place in St Aubin, Jersey from 5 - 11 March.
I will be teaching five different workshops: one full day machine quilting project and four half day sessions which cover both hand and machine quilting, piecing, appliqué and block printing. It should be fun.
There is a full programme planned with several workshops each day, exhibitions, competitions plus evening events such as a gala dinner and a fashion show.
I haven't visited Jersey before so I'm looking forward to exploring the island in-between my teaching sessions.
Now I wonder how that fabric is looking - I will post images soon.
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

First day, new term

Yesterday was the first day of the new term of my Textile Inspirations course. Everyone was eager to start  work on a new idea so using some exciting painted papers and other decorative papers from their stashes they produced some lovely collages which were then embellished with stitch. Many used shapes from last term but by approaching these from a different direction the outcome was exciting and I am sure that they will inform other pieces of work.
Here are some works in progress and some completed collages.
Jacky used one of her artist husband's pastel drawings as a background and then stitched random strips of paper to create an inner section for her flock of birds. The result was this lovely composition.
Ruth applied squares of colourful magazine pages to her painted background before stitching these fanned out lines inspired by shells. This is such a lively collage.
Sheila used a mixture of painted papers, photographs and magazine images for her collage. This continues to explore the floral theme from last term.
This lovely pen and ink drawing developed from a collage of a seed head and Jan stitched it with a variegated black and white thread.
Ineke cut out this large flock of birds from a variety of papers and fabrics in preparation for her next piece of work. Aren't the reflections great as they hang from their pins on the wall?
Meanwhile, out in the garden, the street of bird houses was under construction.
We are now wondering which one will be the first to be occupied.
What a great start to a term. I hope your week is as exciting!
Speak to you soon.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

An unexpected twist!

A few weeks ago I started to knit a cowl using bits and pieces of yarns that I had collected from previous projects or odd balls of yarn that couldn't be resisted on visits to wool shops. I knew one day they would come in useful.
I used a circular needle and by hanging it around my neck I decided how many stitches I needed to cast on and then I began to knit continuously until it was a width that I liked. I changed yarn every few rounds using lots of different weights of wool.
It soon became apparent that I had accidentally twisted my stitches on the needle when I knitted the first row and ended up with a lovely Mobius strip which sits beautifully around my neck.
My friend Jenny kindly modelled it for me so that I could take a photograph.
Linda Kemshall demonstrates various methods for making cowls in the latest edition of DMTV  Linda on DMTV
If it's cold outside why not look out some yarn and make yourself a cosy cowl.
Speak to you soon