Thursday, 1 December 2011

Knitting again

A few weeks ago I talked about my trip to an alpaca farm where I made a couple of little felted boots in a workshop. Well I haven't managed to make any more boots but I have started to knit with the beautiful alpaca wool that I bought in the shop. Now the question is - what do you think I am making?
Answers on a postcard!!!
Speak to you soon


  1. Obvious - it's a tassled bra isn't it? Thought so. I hope this isn't going to slow progress on the second sock? - Hilary x (hoping this will post)

  2. It's either one of those hats with the pompoms or the same pattern Morticia was using in one of the Adams Family films.

  3. Clearly it will be stuffed and then it'll be an octopus. Not enough legs though - unknit and start again! Can't believe I haven't seen you for so long. I'm going to re-wrap the gift I should have given you for your birthday in Christmas paper!

  4. Hi Hilary
    You managed to post on my blog - well done!
    I see where you are coming from with the tasseled bra idea but I'm afraid you're wrong.
    Thank you for your concern about my socks but you obviously missed my 13 November blog where you would see me wearing both completed socks!
    Edwina x

  5. Hi Amanda
    You're a bit closer with Morticia's hat!

  6. Silly idea Laura! As if I'd unknit and start again.
    It would be good to get together soon so hold on to the Christmas paper!

  7. If I were a betting person, I would think this has something to do with music, sheer clothes and lots of tips! Sure hope you aren't getting a new job! must be the season...I started knitting again! Can't wait to actually 'read' what this is!

  8. Sorry Edwina - don't know how I missed that ... and what a splendid pair of socks they are too. Bit disappointed about the bra and an octopus sounds excellent - even if it is a couple of legs short. So come on then - spill the beans x