Saturday, 31 December 2011

Just in time

I set myself the target of completing all twelve of my journal quilts for 2011 by the end of the year and I finished the last one today. I am feeling quite smug as the deadline is the end of January so for once I am ahead of the game! Maybe this is a good omen for 2012?
I have enjoyed the challenge of working with two shirts and incorporating buttons into each of the pieces.
For this quilt I utilised dissembled sections of collars which I appliquéd to the background which is quilted with the words blue collar worker and white collar worker.
I turned next to the cuffs of the shirts and appliquéd them to a background which was this time quilted with the words on the cuff and off the cuff.
The final quilt is made from pieces of fabric cut from different parts of the shirts. Some I have buttoned together and others have been appliquéd. I have also included labels to complete the effect.
I'm afraid the photographs were taken in poor light, another typical December day.
With only a few hours left of 2011 (and only half an hour to get into my party clothes for our neighbourhood New Year's Eve party!), I am sitting at my computer wondering what the new year will bring. Like many I am reluctant to make resolutions as I am fairly sure they will be broken but there are exciting  exhibitions to plan for and new ventures to pursue so I know that I will have plenty to share with you in 2012. Making time each day for my own creativity would be a very positive aim so with that in mind I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and creative 2012 and thank you for reading.
Speak to you soon


  1. And a very Happy and Healthy New Year to you too, Edwina. Loved the two shirts quilts - brilliant!

  2. A happy and very creative year to you, Edwina!

  3. You total goody goody Edwina - I suppose you have finished your piece for FOQ too? I am just ashamed of my own tardiness with this years journal quilts ... so ignore me. Hope the party was good and that 2012 is a stonker for you x