Sunday, 13 November 2011

Two socks complete!

It may have taken me four years to knit one sock but now I'm in the zone the second sock took less than two weeks!
Of course today is warm and sunny, who would believe it's mid-November, so I don't really need to wear them but I couldn't resist trying them on. They are so soft and warm, I think I could be making more quite soon.
On Friday my friend Sue and I took part in a workshop at Toft Alpacas

We were making felted reindeer boots for an advent calendar using alpaca fleece, some of which came from the 220 alpaca herd that is kept at the farm.

Our day started with a walk around the farm to see the various groups of alpaca. Linda looks after the herd and was a wealth of information. She knew each one's name, which was a combination of their father and mother's name and they obviously knew her very well as they all came running to see her.
They each seemed to have an extreme hair style which gave them character. I loved this one.
It was a chilly misty morning and all of us were glad to be back in the warm and eager to get on with our felted boots. Most of us managed two boots so I think it is unlikely I shall be making another 22 before the 1st December so maybe I will embellish each of these with a J for James and a T for Ted so that my grandsons can have one each for the Christmas tree.
Aren't they cute?
There was lots of tempting alpaca related goodies for sale in the shop as the fleece from the alpacas is spun locally into wool so not only was there wool for sale but also clothing, bags, hats and scarves all in natural colours. Gorgeous! Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area (Dunchurch, Warwickshire) and you are looking for a present with a difference.

I was tempted, of course, and bought some wool to make a hat to keep my ears warm on winter walks. I wonder if you can guess which one it will be!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend,


  1. I love alpacas, but have never been close to any other than at the zoo. Is it true they hum to each other? The little boots are gorgeous and would make a great advent calendar, but 22 more? Phew, I'd be with you on that I think!

  2. Hi Annabel, I didn't hear any alpacas humming but I think that is the noise they make.
    I'm afraid there are no more boots as yet!