Thursday, 10 November 2011

Top finished!

I seem to have been very slow of late to finish anything so I was determined to complete the top of my latest Cut and Come Again quilt. This is my Spring version of the technique, just Autumn to make now (which I will probably complete in the Spring!)
This time I have pieced four blocks together and sashed them together. I'm not convinced that I want the border to be this wide but decided that I could always cut it down later. I still think I might hand quilt this as I quite fancy having a winter project for the long dark evenings.
Apologies for the poor photograph but it is another miserable November morning and the light is awful.
Fortunately when we took a trip to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire at the weekend the sun was shining and the Autumn colours were gorgeous.
I couldn't resist these ferns as they are so typical of the colours in the countryside at this time of the year.
This is the result of the dripping medlar mush that I spoke of in my last blog.
Two jars of delicious medlar jelly! Apparently this can be eaten with lamb or venison or stirred into yogurt or just eaten with bread. Who would have thought that something so brown and mushy could turn into a sparkling jelly.
Speak to you soon,

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