Sunday, 20 November 2011

Printing with screens

Yesterday I taught a screen printing workshop to a group of students from Staffordshire Embroiderers' Guild. It was such fun as everyone experimented with the simple techniques I demonstrated and they produced some exciting fabrics. They mainly used freezer paper stencils which were ironed on to silk screens or simple newspaper masks although there were some great results with grassy seed heads.

Here you can see the seed head on the screen and the resulting print. The seed head was placed on the fabric and the blank screen was placed over the top of it before thickened Procion dye was pulled through the screen. As you can see Jo produced some good prints.
Wendy used simple stencils to add these staggered trees to her blank screen printed background.
This was Debbie's first sample using a masked off shape on her silk screen. She gradually changed the colour of the dye to produce this lovely background.
Eleanor was inspired by a trip to India and made a stencil from freezer paper of this wonderful design. She produced several fabrics of different colour ways which she intends to embroider.
Hope you have had a productive weekend.
Speak to you soon