Thursday, 3 November 2011

Jelly, socks and more!

Back in the summer I posted about a tree with interesting fruit growing on it . It was in fact a medlar and this week one of my students brought me a bag of these fruit that she had picked plus a recipe to make medlar jelly.
These are the ripe fruit ready to have their husks trimmed off and then quartered before cooking with apples to make a rather unappetising mush. This mush is now dripping into a bowl and will be left overnight. Tomorrow I will add sugar and eventually I have a tasty jelly, so I am led to believe! I will keep you posted.
I rather misleadingly said 'socks' in this blog title. Really it should have read 'sock' as after about 4 years I have completed one knitted sock!
The challenge now is to complete another one to match! I am knitting the leg section which is the easy part but next comes the turned heel. I'm sure there are easier methods but I managed it for sock one so sock two should be simple but there again, it was a few years ago!
You may wonder why I am knitting socks - there are two reasons, firstly they are lovely to wear and secondly, I just love sock yarns.
Look at the gorgeous variety of colours in this close up of the sock above. Hopefully I will complete the second sock and have the joy of wearing them before this winter is out!
As well as knitting I have found a little time to work on my latest Cut and Come Again quilt. I have pieced the blocks together as a four patch and I am now stitching a narrow sashing in-between each four patch. I tried to keep with pale colours but couldn't resist this deep aubergine for the sashing as I felt it complemented the soft colours so well.
Now I must go and check on my dripping medlars.
Speak to you soon

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