Wednesday, 7 September 2011

This and that

While I was away in Belfast Chris was busy in the garage constructing shelves to store all of my dyeing, printing, batiking stuff. For years it has sat on tables, crate upon crate, and required a lot of shuffling about each time I needed to find a specific crate to take to a workshop. Now it is all neatly stored on shelves and I can see clearly where everything is.
I now have the challenge to keep it tidy as it has already been suggested that probably by the end of the month it may not look quite so neat! Cheek!
I was given a very friendly welcome by the Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild last weekend. After giving a talk at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum on Saturday morning I was taken around this fascinating museum where traditional crafts can still be seen. This basket was one of many made on site.
I loved the collection of tins and bottles inside this old fashioned shop. It reminded me of trips to the sweet shop on my way home from school where we would buy Black Jacks and sherbet dips, all for a penny!
There were many buildings to explore but this beautiful thatched cottage was one of my favourites. It had a fire burning in an open hearth, soda farls cooking on a griddle and upstairs, the most wonderful stepped chimney breast that partially filled the bedroom.
Since returning home I have completed my June journal quilt. I'm a little concerned that it is now September and I have three more to complete by the end of the month! Anyway the paper laminated skyscrapers have been quilted and bound and I'm ready to move on to my next one.
Speak to you again soon

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