Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ready for Festival
My badge is finished, the cake is made and I'm ready for four days at Festival of Quilts helping out on Linda and Laura Kemshall's stand (E38). You may be wondering about the importance of the cake but I can assure you that by the end of the day, a piece of fruit cake is very welcome!
The badge took much longer than I had anticipated as the first stitching of my name disappeared into the indigo dyed wadding so after several more false starts - oversewing, beading etc. I decided that French knots gave the best result. I found the buckle in a button box belonging to an aunty and it was just the right colour and shape to support the rest of the badge. I look forward to seeing how many others took up the challenge.
As I'm way behind with my Journal Quilts I decided today to do a little work on my design to use the paper laminated fabrics I made a while ago. This is the first of the four quilts to have lettering and as my paper laminated fabrics reminded me of skyscrapers, that is the direction I took.
I experimented with newsprint to start with just using the puzzle pages as the square imagery represented the laminated fabrics quite well.
I then printed a page in my sketchbook using some compressed sponge and a piece of Speedy Cut printing material each cut into squares. I was pleased with the lettering, even the reversed 'e'!
This is the layered quilt ready for quilting and I will return to my sketchbook pages to experiment with my ideas for doing this next week. The paper laminated sections are trapped between a sheer fabric on top, a layer of felt beneath it and a cotton backing.
If you are visiting Festival of Quilts then look out for my entry, 355. Here is a not particularly good photo of it completed just before being packed up and delivered to the NEC.
Looking forward to seeing some of you over the next few days!

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