Tuesday, 30 August 2011

More days out!
When I last posted I was about to teach a dyeing workshop at Littleheath Barn. It was a great day and everyone went home with bags and trays full of dyed fabrics. The problem with days like this is I rarely get to see the final results when the fabrics are washed and pressed and the fabulous colours and patterns are revealed. Hopefully there were some good results!
I had another day out on Friday with an old school friend. We went to Harvington Hall, a moated medieval and Elizabethan manor house south east of Kidderminster. It is well known for its original Elizabethan wall paintings and an amazing collection of priest-holes which were built in the 16th century when it was high treason for a Catholic priest to be in England. These priest-holes were amazingly well hidden although very small and how anyone could have existed in them for any length of time was difficult to believe but obviously a better choice than dying!
This tree was in the grounds near to the moat. I understand that it is a medlar, a fruit not often eaten these days but was popular years ago. According to my research it is better after bletting, in other words decaying and fermenting! 
To complete my week of travels, we went to the sea on Sunday. When you live in the middle of England, a trip to the seaside is always special. We went to the South Devon towns of Seaton, Beer and Sidmouth where we enjoyed a walk over the cliffs along the coastal path and, of course, a walk along the beach.
This is Seaton from the coastal path. Autumn is coming, the blackberries are ripening in the hedgerows.
The pretty town of Beer was at the other end of the coastal path. It was lovely sitting on the beach watching the boats sailing in and out of the bay. One or two people were swimming in the sea - we preferred to sit and watch!
What a great British seaside scene and what a lovely way to finish an enjoyable week of being out and about.
Well it's back to work today and a week at home catching up with my emails and preparing for a visit to Belfast at the weekend where I will be giving a talk and a teaching a workshop. I haven't been to Northern Ireland before so I'm looking forward to my trip.
As I like a challenge I have decided to quilt my summer Cut and Come Again quilt this week - I will keep you posted on my progress!
Speak to you soon

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