Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A fun week so far
The last few days have been most enjoyable spending time with friends at home and away.
I decided to screen print some fabric for the back of my Liquorice Allsorts quilt on Sunday. It was such a lovely day that I set up a table in the garden. I had to work quickly as the sun was so hot that the screen ink was drying very quickly on my screens.
I'm amazed at how luscious the garden looks here when in fact it is more of a dust bowl as we desperately need some rain.
This is the finished fabric waiting to go on to the back of the quilt. I'm thinking that I might hand quilt this piece but not fully decided yet. I haven't hand quilted a quilt for a very long time so it could be an enjoyable winter project for those evenings in front of the TV! I don't have many of those so the project could take more than one winter!
On Monday the Midlands CQ group met up in Pershore to see Janet Bevan's exhibition and then went on to Croome Park which I blogged about earlier in the year. 
This time I went into the house which was wonderful. There is no furniture but the Robert Adam designed interior made up for that.
This is one of the many beautiful octagonal shaped ceiling decorations in the main gallery. The guide explained that at the centre of the gallery these shapes were quite indented but towards each end they flattened out so that they gave the illusion of a longer room. The floorboards also differed in width, being wider in the centre of the gallery and narrower towards the edges. How clever!
I loved this daisy/sunflower with its drooping petals that we found on a fire surround.
One of my passions is maps and this is one showing the original plans for the park which was designed by 'Capability' Brown.
Yesterday some friends came for a fun day which involved a vat of indigo dye.

 A few patches of blue grass brighten up the otherwise brown area which is supposed to be lawn!
Ruth had prepared this amazing 'sputnik' which she dyed in the vat. We will have to wait for a few weeks to see how it turns out when she reveals the resulting fabric in class.
Anne had pieced together a lot of different types of fabrics and fibres to produce this random composition. It will be interesting to see how it looks when it has been rinsed.
Today it was my friend's birthday so we had lunch out at Compton Verney and visited the Stanley Spencer exhibition which is on there until the 2nd October. I was fascinated by his interwar paintings of typical English gardens at that time, and how he incorporated man made boundaries of all kinds into his compositions. An interesting comment on the social history of that period.
Tomorrow I'm teaching a dyeing workshop at Ineke Berlyn's studio, my new home for many of my regular workshops and courses. It should be fun but I think I need sleep now!
Speak to you soon.


  1. The ceiling tile decoration would make a beautiful whole cloth quilt, wouldn't it! I really like your screen print for the backing fabric. Nice work!

  2. Greetings from Tunisia! While surfing the net and trying to beat the heat, I'm enjoying your interesting blog. Your work is lovely and thank you for the photos from summer quilt shows--it's the next best thing to attending.
    best, nadia