Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Scotland here I come!
I will soon be leaving home for Birmingham Airport where I will be catching a plane to Glasgow this afternoon. I'm teaching  screen printing and paper lamination workshops at the Loch Lomond Studio over the next week.
I'm struggling to keep my suitcase under the 20kg limit as it is packed with quilts, samples, screens, books, clothes and my entry for Festival of Quilts which still needs quite a bit of work! Oh how I wish I wasn't always a last minute person!
I have lots of exciting ideas planned for the workshops so I'm sure we will have fun. I will take photographs and if I have access to a computer you may be hearing from me but if not I will share the results with you next week.
Have a happy and creative week!

Monday, 11 July 2011

A weekend in Bruges
What a lovely city to visit for a weekend break. Eurostar makes it so easy to cross the Channel to Europe and if it hadn't been for rail works on the line home from London, it would have been a perfect trip! 
Bruges is known as the 'Venice of the north' for obvious reasons. The canal network through the city is lined with fascinating buildings, many of which are medieval, and crossed by pretty bridges.

It looks from my photographs as though there was hardly anyone around but in fact it was bustling with people carrying maps and cameras - just like us!
We discovered several pavement sculptures such as this horse which was sited outside a modern art gallery ( unfortunately I can't remember the artist's name).
and this is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse found in the grounds of the Gruuthuse Museum.
While enjoying a beer in one of the tree lined squares we saw this amusing site. I wonder if it is the Belgian equivalent of the 'naughty chair'!
Now I'm home I must concentrate on my entry for Festival of Quilts which must be completed by the end of the month - this is a little worrying as I have made very little progress with it and I'm going to Scotland to teach next week. It's a good job I work better with a deadline!
Speak to you soon

Monday, 4 July 2011

Moon Rainbow exhibits
Here are some of the exhibits from this years exhibition at the Weavers Gallery in Ledbury. It is open until Sunday 10 July so if you are in the area do go and see it. Ledbury is a lovely market town with interesting shops and good places to eat. During the Poetry Festival there are chairs and sofas dotted around the town for people to sit and enjoy the festivities!
Many exhibitors were inspired by Robert Frost's poem Iris by Night and it was interesting to see such a wide range of interpretations.
Anne Weldon's Moon Shadow
Pauline Barnes's Malvern triptych - Sunlight, Twilight, Moonlight
Sue Hunt's Iris By Night
It was John Drinkwater's poem Daffodils that inspired Jill Exell to make Colour of Spring
Amanda Wright selected The Road not Taken by Robert Frost to inspire her piece of the same name
This beautifully detailed box, Life's Red Flood by Janet Grist  was influenced by Wilfrid Gibson's poem about Rupert Brooke
Winter Birches l and ll were made by Lesley Brankin and the poem Birches by Robert Frost inspired her design
Pea Brush was one of two dolls made by Marie Roper and inspired by the Dymock poets 

I'm afraid there isn't room to show all of the exhibits here but I hope this has given you a flavour of the exhibition. If you would like to read some of the poems that inspired the work then go to www.dymockpoets.co.uk
Speak to you soon