Saturday, 4 June 2011

A quilt in progress
Although I have had a busy week I have worked on my quilt for the Poetry Festival exhibition in Ledbury later in the month.I have stitched with a variety of coloured viscose threads which are looking good on the black fabric. There is still a long way to go until this piece is completed but at least I am making progress. 

This afternoon I visited Compton Verney.

This art gallery set in the Warwickshire countryside has some wonderful exhibitions and the present exhibition of work by Ben Nicholson and Alfred Wallis comes to an end this weekend. I was so pleased that I made the effort to go as not only did I enjoy the paintings of these two extraordinary artists but there was also an exhibition of 19th century sailor's art, Wool Work. These embroideries were a fascinating record of the ships and maritime histories associated with these sailors. One particular sailor, John Craske, had stitched the most exquisite pieces using both wool and silk thread to create swirling seas of stitch.
This would have been at a similar period of time that Alfred Wallis was producing his naive paintings inspired by the Cornish port of St. Ives. Many of his paintings were produced on cut up sections of cardboard boxes where the shape of the cardboard influenced the resulting painting.
Wallis didn't begin painting until the age of 68 and was discovered by Nicholson when he was visiting St. Ives. Wallis made quite an impact on Nicholson's work and the exhibition focuses on the paintings that both artists produced between the late 1920s and into the 1940s influenced by the landscape and coastline around St.Ives. Itv was a fascinating exhibition.
Maybe the naive quality of these paintings will influence my next journal quilt - who knows!
All for now, Edwina