Monday, 9 May 2011

Successful fabrics!

My black discharged fabric is washed and pressed and I'm really pleased with it. The positive and negative shapes have worked as I wanted them to.  This piece of fabric is destined for a large section of a wallhanging. I will keep you posted with how it develops.

Do you remember the psychedelic lichen fabric that I was working on last month? Well it has had another layer of colour applied, this time by hand!

This is a great way of applying thickened dye paint to a soda soaked fabric as you can work it into the fabric exactly where you want it.

As you can see, once it has been washed and pressed the colours are a lot lighter. I'm really excited by the way this is developing. I now need to decide how to proceed with it. Probably pinning it on my design wall would be the best idea so that I can study it.

The irises are flowering in my garden this week. They are such beautiful flowers but are over so quickly. At least I could make some quick sketches of them to inspire the irises that I want to feature on my April journal quilt - I know it's already May, I'm a little behind schedule!
Speak to you soon.