Monday, 23 May 2011

May journal quilt finished!
There seem to be an awful lot of deadlines looming but at least I have completed my latest journal quilt in time for the end of the month. 

I decided to quilt this quite simply by stitching in the ditch in the strip pieced section and echoing that in the top section with irregular spaced lines of stitch. The central section is free motion quilted following the printed design on the fabric and I have quilted around the edge of the appliqued shapes.
I was pleased with the binding which was cut from a soy wax resisted fabric so the various marks pop up around the edge in a random fashion.

The first four quilts for the Contemporary Quilt Group challenge this year had to include a circle so now that those are completed I must now consider how I will develop ideas for the next four months as each of these must include text. 
So far this year each of my quilts for this challenge has worked as a sample for a larger piece which I find a very satisfactory use of my time. Whether I will continue in this way I'm not sure at present but I do have a week or two to consider ideas for June.

The next deadline is my Moon Rainbow quilt for the exhibition in Ledbury during the Poetry Festival 28 June until 10 July.  The quilt is designed, the fabric is ready so all I need to do is make it!

Another date for you diary -
This is an exhibition of my students and Ineke Berlyns' students work. We would love to see you at our exhibition next month. There will be some very exciting work on display so please drop by to see what we have been creating this year and enjoy a tea/coffee and homemade cake with us.

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  1. Just love it! Can't wait for summer vacation to begin. I've started so many things. Between you, and the Kemshall ladies my brain is just swimming with ideas.