Saturday, 7 May 2011

A day in Surrey

It was my study day this week at the Committed to Cloth studio in Surrey. We were trying out the new barn studio which was very exciting.

I started work on a new set of fabric for a quilt for an exhibition in July at the Weaver's Gallery in Ledbury. The theme for the exhibition is Moon Rainbow and is based on poetry written by the Dymock Poets. Two lines in the poem Iris by Night by Robert Frost inspired me to work with this imagery -

'The clover mingled rowan on the ground
Had taken all the water it could as dew...'

I prepared some silk screens using freezer paper images and masking tape to produce both positive and negative images.

This is a section of the fabric that I discharged using the negative image screen. It is possible to see the positive images on the background which hadn't then been discharged.

I will post an image of the finished fabric once it has been rinsed and pressed, but I'm very pleased with the result so far!


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