Monday, 2 May 2011

Another sunny day!

I can't believe that the sun is still shining and it's a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK. That usually means it will rain! I took advantage of the weather to dye fabrics and threads to add to my collection which I sell at workshops and talks or to anyone who would like to buy them!

I spent a while at my computer working out requirement lists for two 2-day workshops I will be teaching at the Loch Lomond Studio in July. It is a little challenging when planning surface design workshops  knowing that I will be unable to take my usual car load of equipment on an aeroplane. I will be teaching an introduction to screen printing and paper lamination techniques so if you are interested please contact the Studio for more details

This afternoon we took a well deserved stroll by the newly renovated canal system here in Droitwich and saw this mother duck with her twelve ducklings investigating the reeds. I can't imagine having to look after twelve babies!

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