Thursday, 14 April 2011

There has not been much time for quilting recently although I have applied another layer of dye to a fabric that I screen printed back in February at my study day at Committed to Cloth. I had time today to rinse it out and it is developing a psychedelic look.

I think it will need a few more processes before it can be used in one of my lichen quilts! The patches of colour were applied with a sponge wheel with chunks cut out of it -  a great tool for using with thickened dye.

Several days have been occupied by looking after my gorgeous grandsons, James and Ted. As you can see we have lots of fun, especially when the sun shines.

James making scones
Ted enjoying the water

We have had some beautiful sunny days and the garden has required some attention. I planted lots of tulips back in the autumn and they have provided some lovely splashes of colour but unfortunately they will soon be over.

I intend to start working on my journal quilt for April tomorrow using discharged fabrics with irises and moonlight as the theme. Watch this space!

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