Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding Fever!

Well it was a good excuse to sit at my sewing machine in front of the television and quilt my lichen quilt. It's amazing how much quilting can be completed in the time it takes a royal wedding to happen!
a quilted section of my lichen quilt

Having spent all morning sitting down we decided to take a walk along by the River Severn in Worcester this afternoon where there are some lovely views of the cathedral.

You will notice that there is a new link at the side of this blog which will allow you to click through to my Etsy shop where you can check out my range of cards. I hope you like them.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

I have just returned from visiting my good friends Linda and Laura Kemshall where I have spent an enjoyable day recording a video for DMTV this morning and experimenting with a new discharge product, deColourant, this afternoon.
Linda invited me to take along my Cut and Come Again quilts and describe the techniques I use to produce these one of a kind quilts from a fabric stash. So if you are a subscriber to DMTV look out for the video and let me know what you think. If DMTV is new to you then find out more on Linda's website

This afternoon was even more fun! As you know I like using discharge techniques on my fabrics and it is always good to experiment with something new. This new product works a treat on both hand dyed and commercial fabrics and when mixed with deColourant Plus it is possible to add colour back into the fabric at the same time as it is discharged.
black fabric discharged with deColourant Plus

the same discharge paste on hand dyed silk noil

I love the results which I achieved using the discharge paste with Thermofax screens and a print block. I already have ideas how I might use these fabrics in my next lichen quilt!

My alliums are in full bloom in the garden so I thought I would share them with you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Monday, 25 April 2011

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter. The weather here in the Midlands has been wonderful and although we have spent many hours in the garage, sorting out years of accumulated 'stuff', we have also found time to enjoy the garden. It is very satisfying going through endless boxes that have been stored for twenty plus years, discovering treasures that were thought to be lost and using the local free-cycle website to move items no longer needed to new homes.
One of the main aims of working in the garage was to organise all of my dyeing equipment which seems to grow every time I teach a workshop. I now know exactly what equipment I have and once I have new shelves in place it should all be easily accessible. Hopefully there will be space for me to have a print table which is very exciting

I have quilted the background for my April journal quilt, Iris by Moonlight.

The lower section was Thermofax screen printed with discharge paste. The black background I quilted using satin stitch bars. This is a favourite technique for tying the quilt layers together by machine. I now need to applique the irises to complete the quilt.

I have also completed the background quilting on my lichen quilt (still to have a name!) and have anchored all of the appliqued sections.

Now it's the fun part! Embellishing the lichen sections and surrounding area with dense quilting.

Another exciting development is that Chris has been busy setting up an Etsy shop on line to sell our cards and quilted textiles.
If you would like to check it out go to

Thursday, 14 April 2011

There has not been much time for quilting recently although I have applied another layer of dye to a fabric that I screen printed back in February at my study day at Committed to Cloth. I had time today to rinse it out and it is developing a psychedelic look.

I think it will need a few more processes before it can be used in one of my lichen quilts! The patches of colour were applied with a sponge wheel with chunks cut out of it -  a great tool for using with thickened dye.

Several days have been occupied by looking after my gorgeous grandsons, James and Ted. As you can see we have lots of fun, especially when the sun shines.

James making scones
Ted enjoying the water

We have had some beautiful sunny days and the garden has required some attention. I planted lots of tulips back in the autumn and they have provided some lovely splashes of colour but unfortunately they will soon be over.

I intend to start working on my journal quilt for April tomorrow using discharged fabrics with irises and moonlight as the theme. Watch this space!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Since last I wrote I have completed my March journal quilt.

The 10 inch square was ideal to try out a quilting idea for my Summer Cut and Come Again quilt which is waiting to be quilted. The combination of machine and hand quilting has given me the effect I wanted, especially the tight circular quilting in the centre where I used a variegated thread.

 I like the idea of these bold sunflowers quilted in the plain strips and simpler versions in the pieced areas. I'm hoping to make a start on this next week when most of this term's teaching will be completed.

I have been busy quilting the background of my lichen quilt and have made a lot more blocks for my Spring Cut and come Again quilt which I will photograph for next time.